Quality Control

All the beverages produced by Soda King Franchising CC are subject to strict quality control measures and need to comply to Soda King's high production standards.

These include the Soda King traditional soft drinks, the Soda King LITE range, King Cola traditional & King Cola LITE and the Aqua King range of purified waters.

The range of fifteen Soda King soft drinks, as well as King Cola are sweetened using refined white sugar only. No artificial sweeteners are thus added (except for the LITE range). The Aqua King range of flavoured waters are sweetened with fructose only.

All drinks are also bottled in safe, PET plastic bottles, made from recycled material. (Please view www.petco.co.za for more information on the qualities of PET bottles.)

The water used as basis of the drinks are purified by one of the best purification system currently on the market – ensuring pure, bacteria-free H2O.

The bottling plant is closely monitored to ensure that all drinks produced are done so in hygienic circumstances and exactly according to the specifications set out by the Soda King franchisor. The staff members are professionally trained by the plant supplier and the franchisor during commissioning of the factory.

The Soda King concentrates are purchased directly from the franchisor, with exact mixing instructions. The other raw materials are purchased by franchisor-nominated suppliers to ensure that the beverages are all made precisely according to the popular Soda King quality.


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Soda King offers you an amazing range of delicious carbonated soft drinks, as well as premium still, sparkling and flavoured Aqua King water variants. Available in traditional and sugar-free LITE flavours, we offer you quality beverages at a price to suit your pocket!











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