Aimed at the health-conscious and diabetes market, six of the fifteen traditional Soda King flavours are available as a sugar-free alternative.

These LITE carbonated soft drinks are packaged in family-size 2L and convenient 500ml safe, PET plastic bottles.

Only sweetener blends from the best suppliers both nationally and internationally are used to produce a low-calorie soft drink of less than 1 kilojoule per 100ml. All products are  also completely tartrazine free!

The Soda King LITE range satisfies the demands of consumers wishing to observe a diet without sugar, but still want to enjoy the taste sensation offered by Soda King.




1:  Strawberry LITE
2:  Ginger Beer LITE
3:  Raspberry LITE
4:  Apple LITE
5:  Orange LITE
6:  Pineapple LITE

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