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With every bottle of King Malta, you get all the goodness of malt without the alcohol.

King Malta combines the rich goodness of roasted barley malt combined with purified carbonated water to give a taste experience that is unique, full and satisfying. It’s a filling, natural energy drink for the whole family, with proteins and amino acids for nutrition and the immune system, maltose for energy, vitamin B for strong muscles, carbohydrates for power and endurance, dextrin for energy reserves and magnesium and calcium for strong bones.

King Malta actively reduces stress levels, improves hair, nails, skin, digestion, all-round performance for men, women, children, students and older people.

Doctors, pharmacists and health workers all recommend King Malta!






















king malta spec

•  Non-Alcoholic
•  Uniquely Designed Plastic Bottle
•  330ml of Deliciousness
•  787 Kilojules of Energy per Bottle
•  Virtually Zero Fat Content
•  High in Carbohydrates and Energy
•  Wholesome Malt Taste
•  Added Health Benefits






















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