The Aqua King range of purified waters consists of a premium still water, a sparkling water, as well as five fruity flavoured drinks.

These filtered water varieties are purified and bottled according to strict standards using an Ultra Filtration system which removes all impurities. An additional  UV light also successfully kills any bacteria contained in the water.

All H2O flavours are sweetened using only high quality fructose. No artificial sweeteners are thus added to the water.

Aqua King is available in 5L (Still only), 2L and 500ml safe PET plastic bottle sizes.

Hydrate with Aqua King and rediscover the goodness of water!




1:  Premium Sparkling
2:  Premium Still
3:  Peach
4:  Lemon & Lime
5:  Mango
6:  Strawberry
7:  Litchi

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