Soda King, King Cola and Aqua King, as well as the “a zest for life” slogan are trademarks owned by Soda King Franchising CC.

They represent a broad range of carbonated, flavoured soft drinks and filtered water variants – all manufactured according to tried and tested, popular recipes.

The beverages are all sweetened using natural white sugar only and thus contain no artificial sweeteners (except for the sugar-free LITE ranges). All the drinks are also completely tartrazine free.

The cold drinks and waters are available in a variety of sizes, ranging between 2L, 1.5L, 500ml and 330ml – all in safe, PET plastic bottles. The Aqua King premium still water is also available in 5L containers.

The Soda King brand was established in 1997, with the following of the Aqua King label in 2004. There are currently seven individual Soda King franchises, of which four are in South Africa and the other three in Swaziland, Zambia and Madagascar respectively. The aim is to expand the brand coverage across Southern Africa within the next five years.

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Two new, non-alcoholic malt-based drinks will also be added to the current ranges at the end of the year. For a taste of what's to come, please visit www.drinksoraya.com and www.drinkkingmalta.com.



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Soda King offers you an amazing range of delicious carbonated soft drinks, as well as premium still, sparkling and flavoured Aqua King water variants. Available in traditional and sugar-free LITE flavours, we offer you quality beverages at a price to suit your pocket!











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