JOOZ represents an exciting new concept in fruit juice production – with its range of 100% fruit juices produced using a unique UV-light treatment that allows for the product to be kept at ambient temperature (less than 37 degree Celsius) for a period of 3 months.

This means no refrigeration, no cold-chain, and no need to keep the juices in a cooler at all times.

For retailers, caterers, hotels, restaurants and bars this means the ability to buy in bulk and save, whilst storing the juice in their un-refrigerated warehouse.

Displaying the product on shelves as well as in the beverage coolers means more exposure and more sales.

The funky JOOZ label is distinctive, clear and has an innovative “JOOZY FACTS” bubble to inform consumers of the other available flavours.






















jooz spec

5 delicious flavours, supplied by leading concentrate manufactures:
•  100% Clear Apple
•  100% Orange Juice blend with cells (Orange, Apple or Pear)
•  100% Tropical Juice blend (Orange, Mango, Guava, Apple or Pear)
•  100% Mango Juice blend (Mango, Orange, Apple or Pear)
•  20% Guava Pulp

Available in:
• 350ml On-the-go bottles with sports cap
• 1.5 litre Family bottle
•  4-litre Bulk bottle
• 330ml Sparkling















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