Cocktail Party Etiquette

Cocktail_Party_EtiquetteHave you been invited to a cocktail party? Learn how to talk, dress and behave!

Cocktail parties are fun and social events. However, there are certain rules that must be followed by the attentive cocktail party guest. Use the following guidelines to get the most out of cocktail gatherings.

When an invitation is sent, it is very impolite to ignore it. RSVP's should be included in a self-addressed stamped envelope by your potential host. This should make it easy to reply. If an envelope is not included, call or send your reply by letter. Structure the formality of your reply according to the formality of the invitation.

How to Dress:
Cocktail parties can take several different forms. The least formal is the cocktail buffet, which is usually a semi-formal or casual attire sit-down buffet. Cocktail parties themselves usually feature appetizers, while guests remain standing. These are generally semi-formal. Cocktail receptions require very formal dress, and often allow guests to sit and stand at will. These are common for important occasions.

Mingling is a difficult art, and takes some getting used to. Cocktail parties are often places to meet people, make new connections and strike deals. Before you go, it is nice to think of what you would like to accomplish at the party. Don't get sidetracked. Speak to all of the people that you would like to meet, and allow them to introduce you to other people that may be able to help you out.

Bring Personal Materials:
Make sure to bring anything that may be of use to you at the party, including business cards, resumes and addresses. If you are trying to make connections, spread your cards around. 


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